Are you unable to get credit?

Get Credit Legal
Assistance Today!

There could be a number of factors negatively influencing your credit score, and in turn your ability to get a loan.

Perhaps you are black listed, or you may have judgements, admin/garnishee orders against your name.

DEBT REVIEW IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION to improve your credit score!

UApply has partnered with Maxlaw. MaxLaw is a legal entity that prides itself in assisting “blacklisted’ people repair their credit worthiness.

We offer assistance with the following:


A qualified agent will sit with you and determine why you can’t get credit and address the items on your credit profile that are restricting you


Start the process of removing the negative data from your credit profile. If you agree, the legal team will renegotiate with your creditors for better terms and potentially increase your monthly cash flow!

24/7 Call support

Ongoing assistance from your designated assistant. There is also a call line where you will be able to speak to an attorney for assistance on a broad range of legal matters.